Zachary's Poetry

Can’t Deplete, No Defeat

My thoughts won’t deplete,

But I shall accept no defeat,

For my strength will prevail,

And so soon shall I nail,

Nail down the coffin, that lays

With all that shall never raise.

But this is not to be,

This sad, sad story.

What I mean to write,

Is a story of the right,

Not of black, but white,

The good kept in sight,

The bad without fight,

For it’s my plight,

Not only tonight,

To take off, take flight,

And leave with my might.

This is the bottom now,

From now on I avow,

To only go higher,

To reach my desire,

To be who I see,

As the best I can be,

And I will go there without defeat,

And I won’t stop ‘til my fuel depletes.

(Untitled) (written last year on an unused tissue)

The dream of a world that’s perfect,

Where buildings stand tall and erect,

They don’t fall, crumble or break.

People stand and witness without a quake,

Would there be any power or cool?

Would adults work and kids go to school?

Well with each question there is an answer to go along,

Each answer being big, bold and strong.

Lonely Tree

No sorrow bleeds from my tongue,
For these big words I have flung,
Were exactly how I was feeling,
Nothing made up, or taken from stealing,
My choice was mine alone,
Only made because I have grown,
Grown-up as well, and matured,
I’m too old to have to be nurtured,
I can figure things out with just me,
Just as though I was only a lonely tree,
I’ll grow bigger and become stronger,
While your impressions become wronger,
I won’t be uprooted because I have strong roots,
I shall not be affected by the kicks of your boots,
My looks won’t change no matter what you say,
My personality wont change no matter how much you pray,
The one thing that I really know,
Is that who I am will continue to change and grow,
And for now if you continue to ask,
To answer will be my tongues task.

The Greatest Envy

To copy is the greatest form of envy,

You want the words that thrive in me,

I write new words upon the page,

Blank is gone as my pen engages

Rushing across as fast as my mind

Can spit out words of many a kind.

New meaning in each word I write,

To understand you must sight

Its true meaning, for it’s who I am,

They will not be stopped by a big dam,

For as they flow

You all must know,

That my ride will have ups and downs,

There will never be one set of sounds,

Because as my waves crash,

My emotions could lash,

All the way to brand new highs

Or lows in a long trip that ties

This person writing to himself,

If you only could swim yourself,

In my long river or stream,

That winds and surely teems

With all of who is me

Maybe then you’d see

That I really do not have any thing to lose,

Just as though you’d walked in my shoes,

Except this time you swam in my river

So next time you do, you will not quiver,

Just know that when you are copying me,

You are showing the greatest form of envy.

My Heart and Mind

It’s a combo of my heart and mind,

These words that flow, they bind

Me to the person I am and will be.

I don’t need for everyone to agree,

With my opinions and actions,

They are not just my distractions,

From the things I don’t like,

They aren’t my way to strike,

They are these that are,

Who I am, near and far.

These words that flow,

These feelings that show,

These people I write to,

These words that hold true,

These that few see,

These that are me,

These that are for you to discover,

Leave every word ready to uncover,

The real definition,

That’s left in position,

For you to find out

Who I am about.

The true me truly shows,

In each piece I compose,

All of which

Are very rich

With what each of you shall all surely find

To be a combo of my heart and mind.

The place I want to be at.

I want to be in my own world,

Where I can twist and twirl,

Be my self and be free,

Where people can see

What and who I am,

I won’t need an exam,

To pass standards of others,

I won’t need things smothered.

For I can be who I want.

There I could truly flaunt

The real me, one who is liked,

Not the me with fakeness spiked,

I am who I am no one can change that.

This is the place where I want to be at.


Feeling my way right and then left,

Turning here, then there was a theft,

A theft of what you may ask.

Well it was a theft of the task,

In which I give my heart away,

To the person who some may

Or may not say is very truly deserving of,

This wonderful gift I would bestow with love.

Love of all people and animals in this world.

But in a split second, my heart now twirled,

Twirled upon the fingers of another being,

It was now that I was unbearably seeing

My heart tossed around as though

It wasn’t important.  It beat slow,

Now resting upon their palm,

Ever slower, then it was calm.

Was it over now, Nothing more here,

Nothing left in me to burn or sear

In a writhing and awful pain,

Here I was left, my heart slain.

Always Never

Always seeing what’s going on,

Never seeing whether it is right nor wrong.

Always hearing things being said,

Never hearing the things that possibly should be said.

Always feeling my way through the world,

Never knowing if the way I’m taking is correct.

Always tasting the air around me,

Never being able to tell if it is good or bad.

Always smelling the fumes,

Never smelling the perfumes or gasses.

Always knowing what decision I made,

Never knowing if my decision was the right one.

What is all of this?

Walking through and above,

In a motionless harmony,

No one knowing the love

They all share together,

Not a love like anything heard of,

It was something new,

They made it happen,

They knew,

Everything that would ever occur

Between themselves,

But how could anyone ever?

Is it really something possible?

Can they really go through and above?

But through and above what?

What is all of this?

Protest of War (Random poem. Don’t know why I wrote it)

Moving in Harmony,
Stepping on the pavement,
No longer doing it for money,
Moving in argument,
Pumping their signs in the sunny,
There bodies erect not bent,
Moving through for the protest of many,
Of the brave men being sent,
For those brave men like Benny,
Coming back unlike he was meant.
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